Registration Documents


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$50 Registration Fee (non-refundable)


$210 for September and May

$105 monthly from October through April 


(Registration is complete when all post-dated checks are received, registration fees are paid, and all paperwork received)



Entrance Requirements


Children must be 3 (or 4) years of age by enrolment date.

Children must be fully independent in toileting habits.




Registration Process


In an effort to eliminate the stress and anxiety associated with the need for parents and guardians to stand in long line ups for hours, and to accommodate various work schedules, a lottery style registration will be implemented. It is a registration process that is gaining popularity among programs because it is considered completely fair, and ensures that all families and their children have equal opportunity to participate in the program.At 6:30 pm on day of registration, a random drawing of names specific for each class will take place. Registration packages will be distributed to those whose names have been drawn. Parents and guardians must be present at time of drawing. Once the class is full, the remaining names will be put on a wait list in the order drawn. Multiple births will go into the lottery as one draw but take two spaces and separate registrations must be completed if drawn.Parent InvolvementParental Involvement is a key element in our program.


We recognize and acknowledge that parents are their child’s first and most important teachers. Research indicates that when parents are involved in the early learning programs, children experience positive outcomes in terms of their verbal, motor, and adaptive skills, as well as greater academic success in later years (as cited Thornburg, 2002). Your participation will result in the development of a partnership that will ensure your child’s safety, well being and ongoing development. Our goal is to maintain regular contact via daily conversations, phone calls, bulletin boards and newsletters.




Class Times:

Monday & Thursday  9:00 - 11:30

   Monday & Wednesday  1:00 - 3:30

 Wednesday & Friday  9:00 - 11:30





Behaviour Guidance Policy


Noah's Ark PLayschool seeks to create a positive learning atmosphere in the classroom. Children's behavior will be guided to encourage self-respect, respect for others, respect for property of others, and safety.


Staff will model approproate classroom behavior in order to help the children know and understand the following 5 classroom rules or "good friend" rules.



A Good Friend:

- is a good listener

- is a good helper

- is polite

- shares

- co-operates





When behaviour guidance is required:


  • - Teachers will talk to child/children in regards to "good friend" rules and classroom behavior expectations as state above.
  • - If the problem continues, the child will be distracted or re-directed to another area or activity. Situations will be dealt with as quickly, quietly, fairly, and privately as possible.
  • - Ongoing behavioural concerns will be discussed with parents. If the behavior continues and is hurtful to other children, the parent may be asked to remove child from program.
  • - Physical punishment is strictly prohibited. This includes spanking, hitting, slapping, biting, shaking, squeezing, yelling, withholding of food and withholding of emotional support.






The food children eat has a direct impact on their growth and development, their ability to learn and their overall behaviour (Veerhusen-Langerud). Because children’s attitudes around the issue of food and nutrition develop early in life we recognize that we have unique opportunities to help children learn about a variety of nutritious foods.




Snack Policy


Noah's Ark Playschool is a nut-free facility, and therefore all snacks must be nut-free. Below, you will find a list of foods that are suitable and healthy, along with a list of prohibited foods for this age group.


Licensing regulations require that snacks contain at least two of the four food group.


Also, if you are planning on bringing a snack for special occasions that all the children will share, please inquire first with the teachers, as some children may have specific food allergies. An ingredient list must be included with any snacks that are brought to share.


Please note cupcakes and cake are know to contain excessive amounts of sugar and empty calories. We encourage you to make a more nutritious choice. Try bringing in your child's favourite fruit or vegetable. Fruit Kabobs are a fun and easily distributed snack that is easy to clean up and most children love. Dips are also fun with Fruit Kabobs and Vegetable Kabobs.




Snack Suggestions:


  • - Fruit

  • - Cheese

  • - Vegetables (cut-up)

  • - Pudding

  • - Bread/Rolls

  • - Yogurt

  • - Apple Sauce

  • - Crackers

  • - Rice Cakes

  • - Dried Fruit



Prohibited Snacks:


  • - ALL nuts and seeds

  • - Hard Candies

  • - Caramels & Toffee

  • - Chewing Gum

  • - Popcorn

  • - Jelly Beans

  • - Any snacks made with toothpicks or skewers.

  • - Any products with labels containing the following phrases:may contain nuts or traces of nutspackaged in a facility that processes nuts