Snacks, Nutrition, and Allergies

The food children eat has a direct impact on their growth, development, ability to learn, and overall behaviour. Children’s attitudes about food and nutrition develop early in life; we have unique opportunities to help children learn about a variety of nutritious foods.

Licensing regulations require that snacks contain at least two of the four food groups.

If you plan to bring a snack for special occasions for all children to share, please inquire first with the teachers, as some children may have specific food allergies. An ingredient list must be included with any snacks that are brought to share.

Please note cupcakes and cake contain excessive amounts of sugar and empty calories. We encourage you to make a more nutritious choice. Try bringing in your child's favourite fruit or vegetable. Fruit Kabobs are a fun and easily distributed snack that is easy to clean up and most children love. Dips are also fun with Fruit Kabobs and Vegetable Kabobs.

Noah's Ark Playschool is a nut-free facility, and therefore all snacks must be nut-free. Below, you will find a list of foods that are suitable and healthy, along with a list of prohibited foods for this age group.

Prohibited Snacks:
- ALL nuts and seeds
- Hard Candies
- Caramels & Toffee
- Chewing Gum
- Popcorn
- Jelly Beans
- Any snacks made with toothpicks or skewers.
- Any products with labels containing the phrase "may contain nuts or traces of nuts" or "packaged in a facility that processes nuts."

Snack Suggestions:
- Fruit
- Cheese
- Vegetables (cut-up)
- Pudding
- Bread/Rolls
- Yogurt
- Apple Sauce
- Crackers
- Rice Cakes
- Dried Fruit